Develop Sustainable Shopping Habits in Time for The Festive Season

Vegan Black Friday Sustainable Shopping

As the festive season approaches, the need to purchase can feel overwhelming. Whether it's a new party dress or another stocking filler for our loved ones, the pressure to spend is never-ending.

This Christmas, why not give the gift of sustainability? Give your family the magical Christmas they deserve and protect the planet at the same time. In this blog post, we’re sharing how you can develop impactful, sustainable shopping habits in time for the holidays.

Quality over quantity

We've all been tempted to buy the cheaper option rather than invest in long-lasting, high-quality items. When it comes to our loved ones, we know they deserve the best. Instead of purchasing a few lower priced presents that tend to break in a few months, prioritise buying one good quality gift. Not only will you be giving an item that'll stand the test of time, but it will also benefit the planet by not purchasing items with larger carbon footprints and short lifespans.

Prioritise pre-loved

One of the best ways to shop sustainably is by buying second hand. Your local charity shops and vintage stores are brimming with Christmas party-worthy ensembles. Before browsing the high street, why not look in second-hand stores? It's here you'll find that one of a kind piece that will stand out at all your festive occasions.

Shop with sustainable brands

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, consider where you're spending your money. Prioritise purchasing from sustainable brands that benefit the environment and humanity. Before making your purchase, investigate the materials, manufacturing and shipping methods employed by this business. Do these company values align with your own? If you're unsure, it's a good idea to contact the company directly or continue to search for a brand you can trust.

Search for eco-friendly alternatives

If your friend or family member has an item they always use, why not give them an eco-friendly alternative to this? Not only are you decreasing their carbon footprint, but you're guaranteed to get them a gift they'll love and use. 

It's no secret that Christmas is a consumerist holiday. Whilst it's nice to treat ourselves, we can reform how we choose to do this. This Christmas, purchase practical and sustainable gifts for the people in your life.