Sustainable Summer Accessories: How To Make Your Wardrobe Eco-friendly

Vegan Bridgewater Backpack by KulaAre you prioritising sustainable accessories during your holiday shop?

Picture this. The summer sun is beating down. You've got an iced tea in one hand and a fresh bottle of SPF in the other. A practical yet stylish straw sun hat rests on your head, and a pair of large oval tortoiseshell glasses perk on the bridge of your nose. Endlessly chic. Until you see someone sporting a comfy-looking soft cap and a pair of perfectly poised cat-eye sunglasses. You're jealous. Lighting up your phone, you scroll to the first fast-fashion site that comes to mind, desperate to upgrade your look. Sound familiar?

Summer is the season when sustainable accessories seem to go out the window. We want to look our best, feel incredible, and be endlessly stylish. And we want it now. But our impulsive purchases are harming the environment. This summer, why not try to swap your usual reckless shopping habits for a more sustainable and ethical alternative? To help you, the Kula team has put together our five ways to introduce environmentally friendly accessories into your summer wardrobe.

Search for recycled plastic swimwear

Most mainstream swimwear uses polyester, nylon, neoprene, polypropylene, and spandex. While these swimming costumes might look good pool-side, they have a devastating impact once the season is over. Due to the low production value of these items, many consumers will go through one bikini or swimsuit a year. Once those grey clouds start setting in, we throw our summer essentials in the bin. Like other plastic products, these swimming costumes pollute landfills, enter our oceans, and pose a risk to local wildlife and the ecosystem.  

Instead of engaging in the toxic cycle of swimwear binning and repurchasing, seek long-lasting pieces made from recycled materials. These sustainable swimsuits give plastic a new purpose and guarantee a longer lifespan (which means more swims in your favourite suit!)

Invest in a practical eco-friendly bag

Summer is the season of adventure. It's a time for picnics, hikes, beach days, and spontaneous outings. Everyone needs a sturdy bag they can trust to carry their essentials without the fuss. But, not all bags are equal, and some aren't equipped for your summer of fun. This summer, prioritise using a bag made with durable materials that can carry everything you need all throughout the summerwe don't want any broken straps or leaky materials here!

Kula Bags combines practicality and style to give you the best bag options for every season. All our bags are made using reinforced washable paper, making them waterproof, robust and always eco-friendly! The Harrington is perfect for those long days out exploring. And the Smithfield is ideal for picking up your essentials from the greengrocers.

Re-wear accessories from last summer

The best way to prioritise eco-friendly and ethical accessories? Care and re-wear. Even if someone poolside looks great in their hat and glasses combination, that doesn't take away how timeless, eloquent and chic your look is! Be confident in your style and make the most out of your individuality. I know your wardrobe is full of beautiful summer accessories. Rather than loading up your basket with newness, experiment with new ways to enhance what you've got. After all, we want to be buying sustainable accessories that we can continue wearing throughout our lives! 

By re-wearing, investing wisely, and seeking sustainable materials, you can make your summer wardrobe just as eco-friendly as other seasons! Is wearing sustainable and ethical accessories one of your style goals for this summer? The Kula Bags team is here cheering you on! Share with us on Instagram how you're incorporating sustainable and ethical style choices into your outfits.