Back To School: How To Make This Academic Year Eco-Friendly

Back to School with Kula Vegan Eco-friendly BackpacksBack-to-school season is here again. Comic pencil cases, branded lunch boxes, and a sea of school uniforms litter your local supermarket. And, at home, your little one is counting down the final days of summer. Although they might not be keen on heading back to school, your child is acutely aware of the need to be eco-friendly. The younger generation is at the forefront of the environmental movement, and it's your responsibility to support them in any way you can. An easy place to start is by considering the back-to-school essentials you provide.

5 eco-friendly back to school swaps to make this academic year

Reusable water bottle

Plastic pollution is one of the largest contributors to global warming. In 2019, plastic production accounted for more than 850 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases! 

Picking up a water bottle on the way to school might be a quick and easy option, but it has a profound impact on the planet your children are set to inherit. This year, purchase a reusable water bottle for your child to take with them. Let them pick a style and design they like, and encourage them to refill it in the morning and throughout the school day.

Sustainable backpack

Are you fed up with buying a new school bag every term? Shop-bought backpacks and laptop cases aren't durable enough to withstand your child's active lifestyle. Save yourself money, time, and frustration by purchasing a school bag that is well-equipped to deal with all your child's adventures.

Kula bags have minimal environmental impact but make a big difference to your daily routine. All our bags are designed with functionality in mind. 

The Salford Backpack is perfect for children who like to carry everything (and a little extra). Whitworth is ideal for those who only want room for the essentials And, for the tech-head, the Orchardfield is your best choice due to its laptop and tablet-friendly shape.

Go digital

Limit plastic and paper stationery by going digital. You can treat your children to an iPad or laptop, helping them reduce the waste they produce while completing their school tasks. A digital appliance provides responsibility while helping you both achieve your goal of going back to school in an eco-friendly way.

Bring a packed lunch

If you want to make back-to-school eco-friendly, you need to address your children's lunchtime habits. Often, we fall short at providing nutritious, Earth-friendly meals due to a lack of time. I challenge you to pre-plan lunches, so you can make them as eco-friendly and healthy as possible. Why not plan lunches alongside making dinner? While something boils on the stove, you can put together a packed lunch. Place it in a reusable box and put it in the fridge for the next day. By doing this, you know your child is eating well, you don't have to waste money on pre-packaged food, and you're reducing their carbon footprint!

Making back-to-school eco-friendly doesn't require major changes. Implementing these five conscious, everyday swaps, and making them part of your routine, can have a significant impact. Before this term begins, sit down with your children and discuss these ideas, get their input, and witness their enthusiasm for doing something to benefit the planet.