What Is Vegan Fashion, And How Can I Add It To My Wardrobe?

Vegan bags and Backpacks by Kula Bags

It feels like there's a new buzzword floating around the fashion industry every week. And for the everyday consumer, understanding these new terms isn't always easy. Many of us are now familiar with the term 'sustainable fashion'. Brands, businesses and consumers are pivoting to prioritising sustainable fashion. But what about the lesser-known terminology? Veganism is widespread in food and beauty. However, vegan clothing is just as important in protecting the planet. In this blog post, we're exploring everything you need to know about vegan fashion and how adding vegan clothes and accessories to your wardrobe can help protect the planet.

What Is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan fashion is clothes, shoes and accessories manufactured without hurting or using animals. Animal-derived materials are common in the fashion industry, and many of these are obtained through harming innocent animals. The vegan fashion movement works to eliminate harm and danger to all animals.

Examples of vegan fashion

One popular example of vegan fashion is the use of leather alternatives. Leather is commonly used in bags, belts and shoes due to its strength and durability. However, leather is the skin of deceased animals. And the higher the demand for leather products, the more animals are killed.  Many vegan fashion brands use leather alternatives to create sustainable vegan handbags and other products. These vegan materials are just as effective as leather but don't have a harmful environmental impact. 

At Kula Bags, we use Texon Vogue, an Oeko-Tex certified leather alternative made from paper. By using Texon Vogue, we’re able to create stylish vegan bags and protect the planet at the same time.

Vegan versus sustainable fashion

Even if you haven't heard of vegan fashion, it's more than likely you're familiar with sustainable fashion. If both movements aim to preserve nature and create Earth-friendly fashion, what's the difference?

The main difference between vegan and sustainable fashion is that vegan fashion focuses on saving animals. The movement aims to stop unnecessary harm to living creatures by eliminating the need for animal products and materials derived from animals. In comparison, sustainable fashion tackles multiple facets of environmental preservation. Rather than solely focusing on animal protection, the sustainable fashion movement also stops the abuse of raw materials, reduces carbon emissions and avoids unnecessary chemicals. Sustainable fashion initiatives help protect animals, but this is usually a consequence of improving other ecological elements.

Why does vegan fashion matter?

Both sustainable and vegan fashion are crucial to protecting the planet. But, if we want our wardrobes to be as eco-friendly as possible, we need to ensure the items we're investing in are vegan, not just sustainable.

Veganism matters from an ethical and environmental standpoint. As an empathetic individual, you don't want to hurt innocent animals. And as an eco-conscious shopper, you also want to ensure you're doing what you can to help our deteriorating environment. 

All animals exist as part of a larger ecosystem. And different species help the ecosystem in unique ways, including:

  • Helping plants reproduce by carrying pollen.
  • Eating insects and other mammals and reducing damage by plant-eaters.
  • Use energy to produce complex molecules such as proteins, lipids and starches.

And the ecosystem is essential to human survival as it influences the atmosphere, our food and water, growing conditions and more. We need to protect animal populations to ensure they can continue contributing and enhancing the ecosystems we're dependent on.

How can I add vegan fashion to my wardrobe?

Adding vegan fashion to your wardrobe is easier than ever with designated vegan brands. These are brands you know aren't exploiting animals for profit. Next time you're searching for clothes and accessories, research vegan alternatives. Adding vegan staples means you can ensure the items you wear most have a positive impact.

Kula Bags Vegan range

At Kula Bags, we provide vegan sustainable handbags, vegan tote bags and vegan backpacks because we know how important a high-quality bag is to your daily routine. And we promise you'll never have to sacrifice the style and practicality of your accessory in a bid to protect the animals you care about. Our extensive range of vegan bags means you can pick the style and design that best suits your lifestyle and taste.

Vegan Backpacks

Vegan backpacks are ideal for those days when you’re carrying a heavy load. Working on a commute? Overnight stay? Compulsive over packer? Kula’s vegan backpacks ensure you can take all your essentials and transport them in a planet-friendly way. Pick from the simple yet spacious Bridgewater, the classic Salford, the petite Whiteworth, or one of the several other backpack designs on the Kula website.

Vegan Tote Bags

Investing in a tote bag is the best eco-friendly decision you'll ever make, especially when it's vegan too! Tote bags are ideal for every occasion. Bring your Smithfield Shopper tote on supermarket runs to avoid plastic waste. Replace your battered book bag with a stylish and sturdy vegan tote. Or simply roll your handy tote bag up and place it in your vegan handbag for those emergency bag moments, we've all had them, right?

Vegan laptop cases

The days of throwing your laptop into an overflowing handbag can be behind you with a 100% vegan laptop case. Protect your laptop from scratches and damage by travelling with it in a specially designed Kula laptop case.

Want to see how stylish vegan bags can be? Browse Kula’s signature vegan bag collection.

Veganism is an environmental movement aimed at protecting animals and preserving the ecosystems we're dependent on. Transitioning to vegan fashion staples is simple if you shop with designated vegan brands. At Kula Bags, we provide top-quality vegan fashion accessories, so you can do your bit for the environment without having to sacrifice function and style!

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